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Asmid Digital Signage Software
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image001Cluster of 8 Plasma displays
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Asmid Client (LCD Panel)

Asmid Client (Projector)


Asmid Server

We combine the latest in Multimedia Information Display technology like:

  • image008 Plasma Displays
  • image008 LCD Panels
  • image008 LCD Projectors
  • image008 Video Walls

Coupled with our innovativeness in software development and leverage on advanced network infrastructure to create a Hi-Tech impact, self-running presentation for the general public audience.

Sample Playback Screen

(Advertising Software for Multimedia Information Displays)

Some Asmid Server Features:

  • Client-server network environment or standalone application.
  • Supports multi-media, multi-language, multi-frame, multi-layout, multi-location and multi-zone.
  • Ease-of-use, flexible and powerful features.
  • Built-in multi-frame layouts and message tickers.
  • Supports different frame layouts within a presentation.
  • Supports streaming of live TV shows and live video feeds.
  • Customizable to retrieve live information from other sources.
  • Schedule content updates in advance.
  • And many more…..
Various Applications:
Hotels – Events, Seminars, Wedding Functions, Announcements, etc.
Banks – Stocks Indexes, Exchange Rates, Corporate Information, etc.
Malls – Sales Promotions, Advertisements, Events, Road Shows, etc.
Restaurants – Menus, Promotions, Entertainments, Festivities, etc.
Theaters – Show Titles, Show Times, Movie Trailers, Concerts, etc.
MNCs – Showrooms, Reception, Service Centre, Hallways, Lifts, etc.
Airports – MRT Stations – Ferry/Bus Terminals – Hospitals – Clubs…

Enhance your corporate image and gain a competitive edge over your competitors with our software solution now!

Various Applications:

image012 Walk Ways




image015Food & Beverages


image017Shopping Malls


ASMID Empowers Multimedia Industry

ASMID is a powerful multimedia content Scheduling and Authoring software which is the heart of the distributed media system. Typically catered to installations where broadcasting and editing are done from a centralized and single site, delivering and executing multimedia content over the intranet and internet for public viewing via Plasma displays, LCD panels, LCD projectors, High Definition TVs and Video walls.

ASMID seamlessly compiles html files, pictures, graphics and videos into broadcast-quality multimedia on the computer. ASMID allows users to author and schedule professional media in an attention-grabbing environment for virtually any type of display application. From retail dynamic signage to government and education to business communications, ASMID gives users more creative control with the files they already have produced with other industry-standard applications. When compiled, content is then published on the web, uploaded to playback PCs or distributed on portable drives, CDs or DVDs for presentations.

Multimedia Revolutionises Signage Industry

Dynamic Signage
The Web is causing a revolution in multimedia technology, spurring the growth of broadband networks. But these innovations are going beyond the desktop. Content can now be displayed on screens at locations and times where it can have the highest possible impact. Targeted multimedia messages for advertising, information and education can be broadcast to out-of-home locations including hotels, stores, stadiums, theaters, and more, in addition to the home and office. Broadcast multimedia is becoming the new mass media.

  • Video wall, Plasma and LCD Signage Networks.
  • Targeted Multimedia Information In Public Venues.
  • Point of Purchase Advertising & Merchandising.

ASMID Bigger Than the Web? Maybe

Browsers are designed for Multimedia. Web Browsers brought the Internet to our desktops; ASMID brings the Internet to the whole world around us. ASMID lets merchandisers activate the space around us to deliver information in the right place, at the right time, and to the right audience. ASMID often helps consumers make point-of-purchase decisions. With ASMID, you rely on the verifiable walk-through traffic of highly qualified potential audiences in environments such as Malls and corporate offices. ASMID brings brick-and-mortar reliability to Internet advertising.

Features That Set ASMID Apart From The Competition

These product features set ASMID apart from the competition. Together, they create a complete multimedia authoring, broadcast and playback environment like no others. Worldwide, they are helping companies, big and small to lower production cost, get rapid returns on their investment and raise revenues.